Lectromagnetique - Freedom

Cat. No. – BA111
Artist – Lectromagnetique
Title – Freedom

Release date – 4th March 2022
Format – Digital
Mastered by Lectromagnetique
Artwork by 4th Genome


Since this horrendous mess in Ukraine began I have been keeping in touch with Lectromagnetique, our friend and valued member of this community. We have chatted several times a day about what is going on in his country - Ukraine.

Like his fellow citizens he is full of determination and frankly keeping a cool head where I am sure I would be breaking down.

Many of you will know his debut was on Bass Agenda Recordings back in 2015, and has released others on the label and elsewhere since.

He remains passionate about music, of course. And so, as a one off, Bass Agenda Recordings is making a brief appearance from its hiatus to release this EP.

Two killer tracks of dark, powerful Electro, in the style we have come to know, love, and expect from him.

This is about keeping on keeping on, not stopping, not giving the enemy the satisfaction of pausing passions, and doing what we in this community do best - create to cope and help others get through.

All money from the release will go to Ivan and his family. The label will make nothing from this.


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