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P7345UR3MØD37 - 01100001 01 10001001 100011

Cat No - BA113
Written and produced by Lilly Phoenix
Artwork by Lilly Phoenix
Premasters by Data Rebel
Mastered by Vadz
(c) Bass Agenda Recordings 2023
Distribution by Triple Vision

When I decided to take a break from the label I made a promise to one artist that I would support her next release. That artist was Lilly Phoenix aka The Subdermic. Those of you who have followed Bass Agenda Recordings will know I love working with people who are always pushing forwards and evolving their music. I am always more excited by an artist coming up with something challenging and different to their last output than I am about artists who repeat their formula rather than push it forwards.

I was a fan of The Subdermic long before I released her music on Bass Agenda Recordings, but in many ways her Electro journey has taken place on the label. From Joyride through to All Shapes and Sizes and now this release, you can see she’s blossomed – like a beautiful part robot flower, with sharp edges.

P7345UR3MØD37 is her new alias – confirming her commitment to the Electro sound and wanting to give this side of her artistry its own place in the world.


As you will find upon hitting the play button, this is all about dancefloor energy; constant stimulation, keeping things moving and interesting. From the industrial stimulants of Hymenoptera to the twisted acid of Emanator this is an EP that blends the elements that have made Lilly’s music so interesting since day 1 – fast, furious, twisted, sexy, edgy sounds born of a lifetime of


development and dedication to her craft. An early promo was was sent to Dave Clarke at the beginning of the year, so you may recognise the title track and Hymenoptera from his Whitenoise show. 

The pleasure keeps coming too, with an exceptional remix by NULLPTR which adds a layer of lush depth to the title track.

Enjoy. Loud.

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