Distorted Drill & Phasz - Yesterday.Today.Tomorrrow

Cat. No. – BA110
Artist – Distorted Drill & Phasz
Title – Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow
Release date – 19th February
Format – Digital
Mastered by Vadz
Artwork by Distorted Drill & Phasz, and 4th Genome


Italian Distorted Drill and Sardinian MC Phasz return to Bass Agenda Recordings with a follow-up to their 2019 Electrica Savana EP.

Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow sees an evolution of the already unique sound the duo brought back in 2019.

The unusual and infectious blend of glitchy electronics, primal rhythms, and the deep attention grabbing vox of Phasz, is a concoction almost rendering the EP genre defying. The pair have further upped their game with this EP - bringing more layers of sound at times, more complex too - yet not at the expense of the groove, and of course stripping back when it counts to bring those dancefloor dynamics.

Once again Bass Agenda, Distorted Drill, and Phasz invite you to experience creativity without the templates 99% of others use.

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